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Get To Know Live Forever Golf

Get To Know Live Forever Golf


I've gotten to know the Live Forever Golf guys over the past year or so, and the one word I can use to sum it up is this: Fun. LFG is a group of golf guys that created a golf line, using as their logo (their buddy) Matt Every throwing his wedge into the lake at the Byron Nelson.  Chew on that for a minute.

These guys are serious about what they are doing.  Their motto is 'For the Player, Not the Game' - they offer a great line of golf and casual wear that is comfortable and appropriate, but with a healthy dose of sarcasm.  Imagine a combination of surfers, Panic fans, 1989 MLB All Star Game, and domestic light beer drinkers that play golf. That's who we're talking about here.  Not a lot of white belts.  No iron covers.

LFG is part of the movement to create a more inclusive environment around the game of golf.  There's room for everyone, and their brand embraces that - more from the perspective of the player than the game itself.  It's about fun, comradery, and the joy of being on the course.

While there is a bit of a lot shirt feel to their t-shirts, and their logo is tossing a club, their polos and 5-pockets are serious business.  The LFG guys can quote every line in 'Caddyshack' and have hours-long debates about the best Panic album, they are extremely meticulous about their products and very intentional in their releases.  These guys know what they are doing.

And they don't ever want to lose the feel of their brand.  I'm all about companies with conviction, and these guys have it.  In spades.  The guys were nice enough to do a little you go:

What is the history of Live Forever Golf? It all began on a text thread between four friends, Scott Toole, Matt Every, Scott Riley and Lewis Price, but our story is rooted on the coast of northeast Florida and inspired by friendship and a dream to change the look of those who play the game of golf.

It was in May of 2019 when co-founder and PGA TOUR member, Matt Every, was playing in the AT&T Byron Nelson Tournament. Every hit his tee-shot into a fairway bunker and felt he'd been dealt an unacceptable lie, which forced him to pitch out sideways. What happened next would re-shape the golfing world as we know it, and thankfully the cameras were rolling as Every proceeded to hurl his 54 degree wedge like he was Aaron Rogers throwing up a Hail Mary.

Once the photo of the club toss started making the rounds on social media, Scott Riley told the thread he had an idea to turn Matt into a silhouette and use it as a logo, but the energy to start a new company wasn't there yet. However, that would all change in March of 2020...

We had just gone into quarantine with the rest of the world, but we couldn't sit still because we had a lot of creative energy to bring the logo to life. We wanted to build a disruptive golf brand that resonated with the millions of golfers, athletes and fans who experience raw emotions during competition. We also wanted to inject our sense of style into golf, so with the world on pause, we decided to build a brand, and that's when we went full throttle with Live Forever Golf.

Where does the name Live Forever Golf come from? One of the hardest parts of building the brand was coming up with a company name. We had the logo, we just didn't know what to call it! Well, it just so happens that Every has 'Live Forever' tattooed on his right arm, which was inspired by the Oasis song 'Live Forever', so after looking around the room Riley said we should just call it Live Forever Golf as a nod to Matt's tattoo.


What sets LFG apart from the rest of the herd? We're a golf company run by golfers, so everything we create is done with the player in mind. We see how the game is growing and evolving to be more inclusive and accepting of all different backgrounds and fashion choices. We also know that there's life after golf, so we created a lifestyle brand that makes products for those who embrace all the different passions we have off the course. Whether it be off-shore fishing, a beach day with the family, an early morning at the gym or working from home, our products are designed with comfort and performance in mind. We've got you covered from the course to the coast.

What kind of guy is an LFG customer? Have you ever seen an aerial shot of #16 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open? Every single spectator in that gallery is our people. We're here for the golf, we're here for the party, and we're here for the moments that happen in-between. Live Forever Golf is for those who live life passionately and play accordingly.

What inspires the line? The list of our inspirations run a mile long! We're all very passionate about music, comedy, sports, classic films, nostalgia for the 80s, the great outdoors and the greatest game ever invented.

You'll also find a good bit of our inspiration is woven into the names of the products we make. We've got a rope hat named Charlie Hustle, which was inspired by Pete Rose. A series of trucker hats called The Dusty was inspired by Dustin Johnson. We've got a collection of t-shirts named The Closer, which was inspired by Alec Baldwin's role in Glengarry Glen Ross. The Everyday Companion line of shirts was inspired by a Widespread Panic fan site. The Sandbagger hats were named after our friends who don't know how to keep score, and The Duke was named after a friend who never misses a fairway!

All of our products are uniquely named and aptly described with a twinge of sarcasm and a lot of humor.

What do you guys like to do outside of running the brand? We live in a coastal town, so when we aren't working at the office, you'll find us on the water or coaching at the ball field. We love to surf, fish, hunt, and enjoy downtime with family at the beach or on the river.

What's on your Spotify playlist? Some of us are old heads that used to travel around the Southeast chasing another Widespread Panic or Phish run, but we really love it all. When we're on the course, you'll hear everything from Grateful Dead to Oasis with a lot of yacht rock mixed in-between. We're also really big on a couple of new bands like Susto, Goose, Billy Strings, Sturgill and Tyler Childers.

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