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Joining Live Forever Golf // Evan Harmeling

Joining Live Forever Golf // Evan Harmeling

For the player, not the game.

I love the LFG brand.  From the logo of Matt Every chucking his club, to this slogan here, I identify with the whole scene.  And then the clothes themselves. Before I ever wore anything, I saw the style, colors, and “look” match the people and atmosphere in the Jacksonville area, and that synergy is appealing.  I currently have 5 months until the start of the next Korn Ferry Tour Season.  In addition to working out and improving my game, I wanted to join the scene locally, and work in a field that appeals to me.  Golf appeals to me, and being with cool people appeals to me as well.  That led me to LFG, and I will be writing about my story, life on the mini tours, and the state of golf as I see it. 

I moved to Jax Beach in April of 2020, ironically within weeks of the foundation of Live Forever Golf.  Immediately I fell in love with the area.  There is a surfer vibe here that is very approachable and unpretentious.  Once you’re out at the beaches, there aren’t the high-rise apartments of South Florida, instead a small public parking lot at each street’s beach access, free of charge.  It is welcoming, and makes you want to have a good time.  From the second I learned about this brand, it gave me the same feeling.  Its relaxing, fun, and comfortable.  

When I dig deeper into my feelings for this slogan.. For the player, not the game.. it's clear that golf is about camaraderie.  I’m playing to win, no doubt.  I’m playing to be great.  When push comes to shove though, it’s about having a good time, rolling with the punches that this game will throw at you, and learning from them to come out better on the back end.  And even more important than that, it is who you’re out there playing with.  It says a lot about who you are, and what you value.  Just as the clothes you wear make that same statement as well.  What do you stand for?  What kind of energy are you bringing with you to all the interactions you have on a daily basis.. and in this case, what kind of energy are you bringing to the golf course.  

For me, with my game, that energy can change drastically from a casual round to a tournament.  Its natural and sometimes inevitable.  I got a great piece of advice when I turned pro, “the secret is to go out and play like you’re with your buddies at Andover (my home course in Mass).”  There will always be aspects of a tournament round that are different than casual rounds, i.e. the pace of play, spectators, lack of alcohol.. etc. However, this wisdom applies to the freedom with which you hit shots.  In casual play there is a distinct absence of concern about bad shots.  Why would I care?  I’m outside having a good time with friends.  Even when negativity enters my mind, shaking that off in casual play is a breeze, no way that’s renting space in my brain when the “worst case scenario” means nothing in the greater scheme.  Oh, I might push this one right if I don’t get through it… OK.. well just GET THROUGH IT.  A simple mental exchange like that can be so simple and easily executed in a casual round, yet so easily complicated in a tournament setting.  There in lies the key for me, letting go in that same way under pressure.

The last paragraph shows how thinking, and dwelling on those thoughts, will get in the way of good play.  The tournaments I’ve won were when I spent a lot of time with friends, and had a lot of fun.  When I’m with friends, there’s so much else to think and talk about.  Worry and fear about irrelevant golf matters are the last of my concerns.  Enjoyment makes letting go of negativity much easier. Which brings me back to the slogan.. It's about the players I’m with, and their presence reminding me that it’s all good, the result of this shot or this round doesn’t REALLY matter, we love you and spending time with you regardless.  No need to grind over the minutia of your game.  That’s why I’m here with Live Forever Golf.  The guys here recognize that with this brand, and its time to have some fun, let loose and kick back while we’re outside playing a game we all love.    

At LFG, we are feel players.  No trackman robots here.  We will look good, have fun, and not take things too seriously. That’s how I feel when I think about this slogan.  I think of Deion Sanders.. “you look good, you feel good.. you feel good, you play good.” There is a confidence that comes with being well dressed, and the quiet confidence that comes with the LFG brand is clear.

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